The global pandemic disrupted the education and training of an entire generation of students and those already at risk – from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, migrants and from ethnic minorities, learners with disabilities and special education needs – often find themselves out of school (CEDEFOP, 2020). They risk falling further behind, while further disruption to their learning is imminent if schools will be closed again and if distance learning will not be ensured and accessible for all.

There is a huge risk of school disengagement and of growing of dropout rates, all over Europe, but particularly in poor and rural areas. As school closures due to COVID-19 have separated students from structured routines and educational supports, there is a concrete risk that the number of disengaged students may grow more and more. Digital gaps and the lack of ICT devices in disadvantaged families will increase the risk of early school leaving and of disengagement also for students that have good performances in presence

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